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Building Bridges to Bright Futures

Meet Your Trusted Advisor, Dileep Radhakrishnan. In the ever-expanding world of international education and study abroad, having a trustworthy guide can make all the difference. Dileep Radhakrishnan is genuinely thrilled to accompany you on this remarkable journey of study abroad and global education. His educational voyage began with a Engineering degree from Govt. Engineering College and continued with postgraduate studies at BITS Pilani. Currently, He is pursuing a doctorate in education management, driven by his passion for empowering students. As the Founder & CEO of Arkaiz Study Abroad, He takes immense pride in his personal brand, ‘Dileep Radhakrishnan – The Trusted Advisor.’ His journey has been marked by recognition, including awards from various media & government bodies, but his true purpose is to provide you with reliable, accurate guidance as you explore the boundless opportunities in global education. Reach out, and together, we’ll set you on the path to academic success.

Dileep Radhakrishnan

(Master consultant)

Achieve Your Study Abroad Dreams With Dileep Radhakrishnan

Studying abroad is life-changing, and an experienced study abroad Trusted Advisor like Dileep Radhakrishnan can make it smoother. His expertise empowers students for a successful academic journey

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